Skin giveaway

Skin giveaway fsid3 состав кс го

Giveaways that involve adding certain summoners as friends on League of Legends are not allowed.

You must complete all available Entries to open the new ones. Anything against the LoL Terms of Use is not allowed. You won't be able to vote or comment. Don't forget to comment! We are buying only those skins which cost more than 0.

*** Update: The giveaway is over, congratz to the winners! *** So this past weekend I went to PAX East ! I got quite a few skin codes from Riot at their booth, and have some extra to give away! Earn Points. CS GO Skins. Free Giveaway:★ Flip Knife | Fade (Factory New). Take me to the giveaway. You can win Da Ji and her special “vixen” skin. Giveaways Share [ Giveaway ] Alucard TheCrimsonFker, Today at AM.

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